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Ultimate Frisbee Uniforms Pricing1-9 pcs10-99 pcs100+ pcs
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1JerseyJerseys (Longsleeve, tank top, sleeveless)SuperFly X, Velocity I, Velocity II$29$26$24
2PoloSuperFly X, Velocity I, Velocity II$31$28$26
3Jerseys (Longsleeve, tank top, sleeveless) SuperFlex$33$30$28
4Button upSuperFly X, Velocity I, Velocity II$32$29$27
5Button upSuperflex$37$34$32
6ShortsStandard Shorts SLight$34$31$29
7Board Shorts with pocketsNylon L$34$31$29
8Board ShortsNylon L$32$29$27
9Standard ShortsSuperFly X, Velocity I, Velocity II, NylonL$29$26$24
10Standard Shorts with pocketsSuperFly X, Velocity I, Velocity II, NylonL$31$28$26
11Standard ShortsSuperFlex$33$30$28
12Women's Running ShortsNylonL$31$28$26
13Jersey/ShortsDouble Layer Reversibles (jersey/shorts)Drimesh$35$32$30
14Single Layer Reversibles (jersey/shorts)Drimesh$38$35$33
15HoodiesSun HoodiesSuperFly X, Velocity I, Velocity II$39$36$34
16Classic HoodiesPoly2D$48$45$43
17Zip-up HoodiesPoly2D$52$49$47
18Zip-up Hoodies with FleecePoly2D$64$61$59
19JacketWindbreaker (water slide/water resistance)NylonW$56$53$51
20Windbreaker (waterproof jacket )NylonW - waterproofN/A$58$56
21Packable Lightweight Jacket (water slide/water resistance)NylonEasy$45$42$40
22Packable Lightweight Jacket (waterproof / rain jacket)NylonEasy - waterproof$50$47$45
23PantsTrackpants  (water slide/water resistance)NylonW$54$51$49
24Trackpants (waterproof pants )NylonW - waterproofN/A$56$54
25SweatPants / WarmUp PantsPoly2D$48$45$43
26  Face CoverNeckiesFabric options$18$12$8
27Face masks2 layers: Poly2d- Velocity II$15$10$7
28Bandana (22"x22")Drimesh$15$10$7
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