Michale Craige

On behalf of WNSW Ultimate I'd like to share our appreciation in getting our uniforms to us within a short turnaround time. Everyone is over the moon with excitement that they arrived yesterday, 2 DAYS EARLY!! We will endeavour to process our next order with ample time in the future. It is a bit difficult at times with our club spread over many towns and cities separated by large distances.

You have gone above and beyond and your speed is so very much appreciated. We can't thank you enough.

Country Representative

  • Name: Robert Johnson
  • Email: Rob@zoneultimate.com
  • Country: USA
  • Name: Hiroshi Yokota
  • Email: yokota@discsports.co.jp
  • Country: Japan
  • Name: Riley van Turnhout
  • Email: Riley@zoneultimate.com
  • Country: New Zealand
  • Name: Alex Bousquet
  • Email: Alex@zoneultimate.com
  • Country: Canada
  • Name: Henrietta Papp
  • Email: Heni@zoneultimate.com
  • Country: Hungary/Europe